Amazon’s Twitch Unveils Friends List Feature with Creative Directory

Amazon TwitchThe e-commerce giant Amazon has recently updated its live video streaming platform, Twitch, with new features like Friends list and Creative directory, which would provide a great social experience to all the users. The reports suggest that the Twitch users will now be able to interact with other community members with the help of the Friends list feature.  The Creative directory is reported to help the users with better support functionalities.

PC Magazine reported that the Friends list feature will enable the Twitch users to now about the activities of their friends on the video streaming platform in an instant. “Friends List lets you connect to Friends, see who’s online, and whisper them with just one click!” said one of the Amazon representatives, as reported by Techno Buffalo. “Soon we will be sending out the first round of invites for the Friends List Beta. Once you’re in, you’ll have your very own Friends List and be able to send Friend requests to other Twitch users that will double as invitations to the Beta.”

Besides, the reports suggest that the Twitch users can add up to 500 friends to a list so that they can view their friend’s online status or send messages to them with just a click.

Further, Tech Times reported that the Creative directory feature revolves around the incredible communities created by the streamers to showcase their talents. “The new design helps us better support communities like Painting, Coplay, Food, Game Development and more,” reported En Gadget. “Now you can view subdirectories and see highlighted streamers within some of the most popular Creative categories by selecting the hashtags at the top.”

Meanwhile, the Twitch’s director of programming, Marcus Graham, shared his vies about the latest add-ons introduced by the company. “Friends is the latest social feature in Twitch’s ongoing effort to help gamers connect with one another,” said Graham, as reported by The Next Web. “While Twitch has always been a great platform for broadcasters to connect with viewers, now viewers will be able to connect with each other, too.”

Additionally, it is reported that Twitch already consists of features like private messaging, party chat and profile updates in order to provide the streaming platform subscribers with the best user experience.

The new features for the Twitch video streaming platform were announced by Amazon at the PAX East event last weekend in Boston. The reports suggest that the latest beta version of Twitch has been made available to only selected community members.


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