Apple Defends Error 53 on iPhone 6 to Protect User Security

iPhone error 53

At the height of controversy concerning Error 53 among iPhone 6 users, Apple defends it is a security measure to prevent unauthorized third-party sources from replacing fraudulent spare parts.

In a statement, an Apple spokesperson said Error 53 is the result of a stringent security feature installed on the latest iPhone model. The iOS and Touch ID are designed to check the compatibility of the smartphone’s components.

Apple detailed that once iOS 9 finds a mismatch in the components, the Touch ID and the Apple Pay is automatically disabled. Once the Touch ID is accessed by an unauthorized person, he will be able to retrieve customer information like Apple Pay, credit card numbers, and other personal user data.

In cases of Error 53, Apple advised customers to contact their Support team for appropriate solutions.

Not all customers who encountered Error 53 have sent their device to unauthorized repair services. Some users claimed that the system error rendered their smartphones useless even when no alterations were made to the hardware.

The Cupertino tech giant offers free replacement for untouched devices. Unfortunately, thousands of users who had third-party hardware installed on their phones were encouraged to pay a certain amount for the replacement unit.

Apple customers are furious with Apple seemingly trying to conceal the consequences of installing outside components. A commenter of the technology blog Boing Boing said Apple should have included a warning that says the device is tamper resistant and that any non-Apple-authorized repair services will be deemed as attempts of tampering.

California-based tech blogger Kyle Wiens said the problem is a major issue among iPhone users, as evident in more than 183,000 hits of the Error 53 topic on his website iFixIt.

In addition, tech writer Reuben Esparza of iCracked said Apple representatives are unable to provide more information when pressed about the Error 53 issue. For the most part, Apple provides no software fix, even a remote access to the phone’s memory card. Esparza said what remains a mystery for many is that Apple almost instantly offers a replacement unit to resolve the problem.

Apple shares have decreased by more than 20 percent in the last quarter, as investors have began to doubt if the company will be able to maintain its market performance for the past eight years since the launch of the first iPhone. The new iPad also failed to capture the buying interests of the consumer as much as iPhone 6, which had 74.8 million units sold for the last quarter.

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  1. This is just wrong. What right does apple have to restrict users from their own data and property? Apple’s phones are expensive enough as it is, more so than any other phone on the market. If your car breaks does the dealer ship restrict your access to it because you purchased a non dealer part and had it repaired? If your computer malfunctions do Dell or Microsoft systems lock you out because you didn’t use an “Approved part”? No That wold be completely absurd and you wouldn’t stand for it, that is your property not Dells or Microsoft’s, not the dealerships, it belongs to you bought and paid for.

    Apple should be hammered for this. This is yet another example of a corporation abusing it’s power’s, over extending it’s reach and interfering with the rights of a person. We need to let companies like Apple know if they want to do business with the American public their over-extensions into our personal lives will not be tolerated . We are the consumers that pay for these companies success. I think it’s time they are reminded of that and how it will affect them if the American consumers stop supporting their products. COmpanies like Apple only have the power we allow them to have. Your capitulation to their bully tactics is the justification they need to keep abusing your patronage.

  2. Apple would rather lose all of your money, than share some of it. One of the most condescending support interactions ever!


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