‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ to Feature Goofy and Winnie the Pooh; Set to Release in 2017

Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplayAs the release date of the much-awaited action game ‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ is nearing, the voice actors confirmed that two new characters, Goofy and Winnie the Pooh will feature in the game series.

Design & Trend reported that according to the voice actor, Bill Farmer, he has done some voice recording for the upcoming role-playing game series.

“I have been making progress on vocals for several years off and on,” said Bill, as reported by D &T. “But, I don’t know why it’s taking so long as my last session was well over a year ago. Maybe it’s that massive. It will probably be worth the wait.”

It is also reported that Goofy’s storyline will showcase some dark plot in the new game. “He separated from Sora just before the protagonist began “Kingdom Hearts II’s” final boss battle with Xemnas,” reported Ecumenical News. “Considering Goofy is the player’s partner throughout pretty much all of Kingdom Hearts, there’s no way the third installment wouldn’t address that cliffhanger in his story.”

Meanwhile, another voice actor, Steve Burton for the action game revealed that the antagonist of “Final Fantasy VII” named, Cloud Strife will also be featured in the upcoming installment. Another character from the mentioned game series that will be featured in the upcoming “Kingdom Hearts 3” game is Sephiroth. There are reports that the new game will showcase a Cloud Strife VS Sephiroth battle whereas Sora and his friends will help Cloud in the fight.

With all the characters news trolling all over the internet, the latest update suggests that a new Disney world, “Zootopia” will be showcased in the upcoming action game.

“Zootopia could be one of the new Disney films featured in Kingdom Hearts 3 joining the likes of the already established worlds like Tangled, Hercules and Big Hero 6,” claimed writer Kenny McDonnell, as reported by Movie Pilot.

Additionally, game director Tai Yasue hinted that “Star Wars” and “Marvel” worlds could be added in the “Kingdom Heart 3” game. But, Square Enix stated that the inclusion of these worlds might be difficult as Disney has strict rules for its licensed materials.

Furthermore, the release date for the “Kingdom Heart 3” game has been continuously changed in the past. The recent update hints at the possibility that the new game will be finally released in 2017, claimed Yibada.

Also, the action game will be made available for both the gaming platforms, PS4 and Xbox One.


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